Industry Partners

Quarterly Sponsorships-

For the quarterly ASID Illinois chapter events, an event sponsorship opportunity will be offered to all Industry Partners in good standing.  Since the cost of each event will vary, the sponsorship amounts will be determined by calculating the total event cost, and then having the Program Committee decide whether to divide the total into 2, 3, 4 or more equal sponsorship amounts.  The Program Committee will also determine what type of recognition will be awarded to the sponsors for each event.  The sponsorship opportunity will be promoted through the IP Forum, on the ASID website, and through an e-blast sent by the ASID Chapter office.

Peer Group-

please contact Sonia DuMont if you are interested in joining the current Peer Group, or starting on in your area.

Sonia Dumont
Atelier Jouvence Custom Stoneworks, Inc. 
Tel:  312-492-7922
Fax: 312-492-7923

ASID Industry Partner