Free Membership Points Program


Who is eligible?    Associate,  Allied or Professional ASID  IL Members in good standing.                                  

When is the time frame for accumulating points?    September 1, 2013-August 1, 2014

How many points do I need to qualify for free membership?   You’ll need a minimum of 100 points.

When is my free membership valid if I win?   For the year 2015

How do I keep track of points?   There will be sign-in sheets at meetings/events. ASID IL will keep track of paid event attendees.

How do I earn points for free membership consideration?   You’ll need to attend ASID IL meetings, events, and participate in committees as shown on the chart below. Each is assigned a specific number of points.

If I earn 100 or more points, does this mean I automatically win a free membership?    No, a random drawing will take place in August 2014 at the Annual Meeting. **The number of free memberships awarded will be determined by budget.

  • Volunteer as a Committee Chair                                                               70 points
  • Volunteer as a Committee member                                                        60 points
  • Volunteer as  a Peer Group Leader                                                         50 points
  • Attend Design Summit –Feb 2014                                                           30 points
  • Volunteer to host a Peer Group Meeting                                               20 points
  • Volunteer for a Community Service Project                                        20 points
  • Attend the Holiday Party —  December 2013                                      20 points
  • Attend a Monthly Board Meeting                                                              20 points
  • Attend Committee training session Summer 2014                            20 points
  • Submit one entry for the 2014 Design Excellence awards             20 points (Limited to one entry per member)
  • Host a student during 2013 Real World Design Week                        20 points
  • Attend the Celebration of Design gala — Fall 2013                              20 points
  • Attend a Peer Group Meeting                                                                       15 points
  • Attend Spring EP / Grad Event – May 2014                                           15 points
  • Attend NeoCon Luncheon – June 2014                                                   15 points
  • Attend ASID IL Sponsored Quarterly Event                                          15 points
  • Use an IP member as a host for Peer Group                                           15 points
  • Obtain/Donate an item for the Holiday Party auction                      10 points
  • Bring a recruit to a Peer Group Meeting                                                  10 points
  • Participate in the Share the Love campaign                                          10 points

~In 2013 we were able to offer 2 Practioner memberships!