Continuing Education-CEU’s

ASID members must earn a minimum of 1.0 (10 hours) approved continuing education units (CEU) every two years.

ASID members must earn a minimum of 1.0 (10 hours) approved continuing education units (CEU) every two years. The current reporting period is from January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2017.

ASID bylaws and policies require all practitioner members (Professional, Allied, and Associate members) to meet the continuing education requirement. The ASID continuing education requirement is separate from any mandated continuing education requirement in your local jurisdiction. Check with your state regulatory board for requirements.

Members in the following categories are not required to fulfill the continuing education requirement: Professional Inactive, Professional Life Member, Professional Retired, Allied Retired, Industry Partner, and Student Member.

For more information, please contact us at or by phone at 202-675-2341.

Reporting CEU Compliance 
ASID members are to utilize the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) registry to warehouse CEUs. Every ASID member has a unique IDCEC number to login into the website (your IDCEC number is different than your ASID number). The IDCEC user registry allows you to upload and track your continuing education activity as well as store a record for you under your account. Check your IDCEC account regularly to ensure your records are up to date. Learn more under the IDCEC section of the ASID website.

ASID receives frequent reports from IDCEC indicating how many CEUs each member has attained and utilizes this report to monitor member continuing education compliance. If you successfully submit all courses via IDCEC and upload your certificates of completion, you do not have to report any other information to ASID for CEU compliance unless notified to do so.

Special Circumstances 
ASID may grant an adjustment to the requirement for poor health, certified by a physician; a specific physical or mental disability, certified by an appropriate health care professional; extended duty with the armed forces; or for extreme hardship, which, in the board’s judgment, makes it impossible for the member to comply. Requests for an adjustment to the continuing education requirement must be made no less than three months (by September 30) before the end of the current reporting period.

Audits and Failure to Comply 
At the end of a reporting period, ASID will review the IDCEC report of CEUs completed by each member. Select members will be audited and required to submit proof of the 1.0 (10 hours) CEUs required by way of a certificate of attendance or completion, or a stamped conference card. Members who cannot supply proof of completion will face failure of compliance. Any member who fails to comply with the continuing education requirement may be subject to suspension of Society membership in accordance with the requirements of the ASID Bylaws.