Associate Membership “NEW”

On January 1st, 2012 ASID began accepting applications for the new Associate Member category.  Eligible individuals are practicing interior designers who can demonstrate:

-six years of full time interior design experience and

-provide a college transcript reflecting a minimum of an associate’s degree in a subject other than interior design

Associate members must complete a specific multi-CEU program within the first 12 months of their membership, then they will have the same requirements as all members: 1.0 CEUs every two years.  The details of the application process can be found at

ASID believes that this new membership category will help the association remain the voice of the full scope of the profession as it is practiced.  ASID recognizes that practitioners of interior design today reflect a diversity of professional pathways.  While ASID believes in the value of interior design education and that it is the most direct path to becoming an interior designer, we also recognize that people may have multiple careers across a lifetime and it may not be possible for everyone to pursue a second post-secondary degree.

ASID’s intent is to be transparent about an individual’s particular pathway to membership (NCIDQ passage, collegiate ID education, or real world experience) but to avoid hierarchical, category-based, value statements about capabilities as good interior design is being produced by individuals from each of those professional pathways and consumers of design services will make their selection decision based on the requirements of their particular job, state law and the relationship with the designer.

The strength of ASID is in our diversity.  There is strength in increased unity among all those who practice interior design, regardless of their path into practice.   ASID continues to be the single best resource to help interior designers grow your business, build your network, and expand your knowledge.  We continue to be the best resource for ALL interior designers.

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