Anna A. Marks, Allied ASIDJennifer McGinnis, ASID, IIDA, NCIDQMrs. Linda M. Navara, Allied ASIDColleen Ann Kinder, ASIDMary Susan Bicicchi, ASIDClaire H. Golan, ASIDMarilyn P. Akins, ASIDSusan J Starrett, ASIDKim Scodro, Allied ASIDAtron Regen, ASIDKaren Goldberg, ASIDMichelle Rohrer-Lauer, Allied ASIDGladys Schanstra, CKD, CBD, Allied ASIDMs. Emily Claire Mackie, ASIDCurt Mavis, ASIDDarlene Dudeck, Allied ASIDMr. Ned C. Schechter, ASIDMs. Julie O'Brien, Allied ASIDLori Lennon, ASIDBarry Petrie, Allied ASIDWilliam D.B. Olafsen, ASIDLinda F. Rosenzweig, Allied ASIDArtists ConceptsLauren Seaman Enslin, ASIDAngie Gardeck, Allied ASIDRachael Russ, Allied ASIDCatherine Schager, Allied ASIDRachael Franceschina, ASID, LEED APKory Blosky, ASIDMrs. Tina Dann-Fenwick, Allied ASIDMr. Randy L. Shingledecker, Allied ASIDSandra Casparriello MurphyPaula R. Winter, Allied ASID, ALLIED ASID; CAPSArlene Semel, ASIDShawna Dillon, ASIDStephen Lloyd, ASIDElinor S. Gordon, Allied ASIDDenise Antonucci / ASI Interiors, Inc.Susan Lorenzini Dougherty, Allied ASIDKatherine WozniakLinda Trilla DiDonato, Allied ASIDNan A. Ruvel, ASIDLynn Hajduk, ASID, NCIDQAnn M. Kohout, ASIDAnnette Springer, ASIDSusan P. Brunstrum, Associate ASIDSheldon A Handman, Allied ASIDJulia A. Redwine, ASIDAllison S Henry, ASIDSusan El-Naggar, ASIDNelly Minassian, ASIDKathryn L. Zanoni, Allied ASIDJessica Lagrange InteriorsAnn Oakes Design LLCRobert Northington Lynne M. Wickham, ASIDClaudia T. Martin, ASIDWilliam F. Parker, ASIDLisa Wolfe, Allied ASIDMadeline Gelis, ASIDNora  Schneider, Allied ASIDJoyal E. Watkins, Jr., ASIDSusan M. Fredman, ASIDNancy R. Hayden, Allied ASIDJoan M. Kaufman, ASID, FSIA, LEED APMitchell Channon, ASID
Jennifer McGinnis, ASID, IIDA, NCIDQ
Catherine Schager, Allied ASID
Susan Lorenzini Dougherty, Allied ASID
Lisa Wolfe, Allied ASID
Elinor S. Gordon, Allied ASID
Gladys Schanstra, CKD, CBD, Allied ASID
Artists Concepts
Kim Scodro, Allied ASID
Darlene Dudeck, Allied ASID
Jessica Lagrange Interiors
Angie Gardeck, Allied ASID
Katherine Wozniak
Linda F. Rosenzweig, Allied ASID
Rachael Russ, Allied ASID
Nancy R. Hayden, Allied ASID
Kathryn L. Zanoni, Allied ASID
Paula R. Winter, Allied ASID, ALLIED ASID; CAPS
Nora Schneider, Allied ASID
Mrs. Linda M. Navara, Allied ASID
Sheldon A Handman, Allied ASID
Barry Petrie, Allied ASID
Michelle Rohrer-Lauer, Allied ASID
Lauren Seaman Enslin, ASID
Shawna Dillon, ASID
Lynn Hajduk, ASID, NCIDQ
Curt Mavis, ASID
Susan El-Naggar, ASID
Arlene Semel, ASID
Marilyn P. Akins, ASID
Claire H. Golan, ASID
Allison S Henry, ASID
Ms. Emily Claire Mackie, ASID
Claudia T. Martin, ASID
Denise Antonucci / ASI Interiors, Inc.
Madeline Gelis, ASID
Julia A. Redwine, ASID
William D.B. Olafsen, ASID
Kory Blosky, ASID
Lori Lennon, ASID
Annette Springer, ASID
Atron Regen, ASID
Joyal E. Watkins, Jr., ASID
Nan A. Ruvel, ASID
Susan M. Fredman, ASID
Ann M. Kohout, ASID
Joan M. Kaufman, ASID, FSIA, LEED AP
Karen Goldberg, ASID
Nelly Minassian, ASID
Lynne M. Wickham, ASID
Colleen Ann Kinder, ASID
Mary Susan Bicicchi, ASID
Mitchell Channon, ASID
Stephen Lloyd, ASID
Anna A. Marks, Allied ASID
Rachael Franceschina, ASID, LEED AP
Robert Northington
Mr. Ned C. Schechter, ASID
Mr. Randy L. Shingledecker, Allied ASID
Susan P. Brunstrum, Associate ASID
Mrs. Tina Dann-Fenwick, Allied ASID
Linda Trilla DiDonato, Allied ASID
Ann Oakes Design LLC
Sandra Casparriello Murphy
William F. Parker, ASID
Susan J Starrett, ASID
Ms. Julie O'Brien, Allied ASID
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Upcoming Events

Time in running out reserve your ticket now!

Don’t forget we give away 2 regular memberships for hitting 100 points throughout the year!

We also have the amazing opportunity of giving away 6 student memberships for free!
The students are the future of ASID!

Please arrive between 5:30-5:45 in order to give you enough time to get checked in and on the boat.

Pictures- Mystic Blue
Address- Navy Pier – 600 E Grand Ave



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